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Plant alternatives? Yummy!

Plant-based alternatives to foie gras

Commercialised plant-based foie gras

There are many alternatives to foie gras. All of them do not seek to truly resemble foie gras but to provide the feeling of pleasure of a chic, refined tasting dish, to be taken out for special occasions.

The most famous is undoubtedly Gaïa's faux gras. But many plant-based pâtés can fulfil this role, such as Tartex or creamy iBi.

To sum up, we have :

Those who want to look like foie gras

The Faux Gras, from Gaia

It is the oldest and most famous fake fat. It is made by Tartex, but the product was developed with the help of the Belgian animalist association Gaïa.

We make you taste this fake fat on our stands. According to many people who have tasted it, it is very close to the taste of foie gras.

Le Joie Gras, from Jay & Joy

The Veg’gras, from Senfas

La Bonne Foi, by Marie Sophie L

La Bonne Foi available at the Crémerie Végane in Geneva!

Le Fwag’, by Betty Nu Food

Sans Foie ni l’oie, from La Petite Frawmagerie Végétale

Vegetable pâtés that do the trick

The Terrine Forestière, from Bjorg

Ibi gourmet, from Produits de la Vie

Local specialities: Geneva, Lausanne and Thonon

The Fôlie Geneva's home-made and 100% organic vegetable foie gras, Slup restaurant

L’Abeille dorée, caterer on the side of Tuna, making fake fat in returnable jars

The faux gras of the café Mutin in Geneva

The Bonne foie 100% vegan catering house Aux deux portes in Geneva

The faux gras of the Lausanne Palace

To order :

+41 21 331 38 29

MU-Food's Joie Gras with truffles

If you want to rely on the opinion of a pro, you can watch this video of Sébastien Kardinal testing different fake fats.

There are certainly many other vegetable alternatives to foie gras. If you discover others, or if you have experienced one of those we have presented to you, don't hesitate to leave us a small comment here. It will be our pleasure :)

Enjoy the tasting!

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