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Let's cross our fingers!

Breaking news!

The Haab motion 20.3021 Banning the import of foie gras is on the agenda of the National Council. The vote of the National Council is scheduled for Monday 28.02.2022.

This is the first step for this motion (see the article The Haab Motion: Hope for the Birds).

To encourage Parliamentarians to vote YES, we have distributed a joint position paper by Stop Gavage Suisse, Four Paws, Tier Im Recht, ProTier and Animal Trust.

This text sets out a number of arguments, including legal ones, in favour of the motion. It refutes the arguments put forward by the Federal Council in its Message of 13.05.2020, in which it proposed to reject the motion.

Let's hope that our arguments will be heard, and that the National Council will not follow the Federal Council's proposal.

Let's cross our fingers!

Position paper_FR
Download • 556KB

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