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Stop Gavage Suisse is an association whose aim is to prohibit the trade in products obtained by force-feeding in Switzerland. It was born out of the observation that, despite the ban on force-feeding in federal law, Switzerland imports 300 tonnes of foie gras obtained by force-feeding every year. Switzerland therefore participates fully in the force-feeding of birds. It is this paradoxical situation that the association wants to denounce.

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The association regularly holds information stands on foie gras, particularly in the autumn and up to Christmas as this is the most important time of year for the foie gras industry.


We show pictures of the rearing and slaughtering of ducks in the foie gras industry. These are images taken by . . .

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Millions of them are born every year in industrial hatcheries. They will never know their mother or the outdoors.


Depending on their sex, they will live an extremely short life - a few hours for females, or a little longer - three months for males. The former will be crushed alive, as they are . . . 

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Join the association


Membership is free because the most important thing is that as many of us as possible defend this cause in order to be heard by the decision-makers.

You can join without any financial contribution if you wish. You will receive the newsletter and the invitations to the General Assemblies. But don't worry, it won't flood your mailbox.

Your membership is renewed tacitly every year, but you can of course unsubscribe at any time.

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Make a donation


Money is the sinews of war. We need it to cover the costs of information and lobbying activities, advertising campaigns and the services of the people commissioned by the association.

You choose the amount of your donation, whether it is one-off or recurring.

Payment is made via a secure platform:

Paypal, credit card or e-banking.​


Become a volunteer


In order to be effective, the association needs competent and motivated people in a wide range of fields. However, it cannot afford to pay for all the professional services it needs.

You certainly have time and skills that are useful to the association. You choose the time you devote to the association while giving meaning to your life by participating in a major animal liberation project.

Here are some areas we are looking for people for:

  • graphic design

  • photos, films

  • social networks

  • internet

  • stands

  • legal

  • fundraising

  • translations

  • writing articles

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